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Jindal Roofing Sheet

Jindal Roofing Sheet

Steel has been associated with strength and durability to all construction and fabrication.Its never been assciated with colourfulness.Jindal Sabrang-the latest offering from Jindal India is an attempt to add colours to the drab monotonous world of steel.Sabrang is a Sankrrit word which means a rainbow of clours.Jindal Sabrang will not only add colour to the steel to make it more pleasant,it will also be increasing life of the structure by acting as an additional layer resisting corrosion over Zinc/Alu-Zinc coating on steel.In the process of color coating,Zinc/Alu Zinc coated steel sheet is first treated with a chemical to remove all impurities from the surface.

It is later coated with chromate solution which enhances the surface quality and prepares it for the next operation.After chromate coating,the sheet is coated with primer which acts as a a bond between steel surface and fianl color and also helps in uniform covering of the steeel surface.Primer coated sheet is passed through an oven which allows the primer to get baked.On the primer coated surfae ,fianl color is applied in finish coater on both top and back side.The coated sheet is again passed through an oven where this is baked at more than 200deg temperature.Colour coated steel produced through this two coat bake system has a much longer life span tahn any other coated steel.

The line set up by us will have abillity to apply various types of coating like regular Modified polyster (RMP) Super Durable Polyster(SDP),sillicon Modified Polyster (SMP) and PVDF as per the customers requirements. The coating in the line can be controlled to meet exact requirement of teh customer.

Thickness 0.16 mm to 1 mm
Width 750 mm to 1450 mm
Base Substance Galanized steel, Aluzinc Coated steel, SS, Aluminium
Primer 3-10 micron top, 3-10 micron back side
Top Coat 5 micron - 25 micron
Back Coat 5-10 micron
Colours Top Coat - Jindal Grey (RAL - 7035)
Coil Weight Up to 15 Mt


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